despite these hard things I talk about, there are many things that I appreciate.

the warmth of a clean blanket, especially in winter.

water. the ocean. swimming.

the color blue,

but I like the other colors as well!

green, like the color of baby leaves.

brown is the color of the earth, of home.

yellow is always happy, almost annoyingly so.

black is the color of void, but that can be welcoming, when the other colors are too much.

I like that colors can mean different things to different people.

I like the differences in people. the different cultures, experiences, the things that seperate us.

I like the things that make me unique.

small things, like a stranger stopping to help.

and maybe if my life hadn't been so rough, I wouldn't have learned to appreciate the small things.

animals are wonderful.

animals are so kind, and simple.

it's true, animals can hurt us, but it's only instinct- food or fear.

animals cannot deceive, not like humans